Her Saviour
By fariya_siddiqui
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • abhay
  • agnoy
  • anger
  • arogant
  • bestfriends
  • billionaire
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  • fate
  • friendship
  • hatred
  • heartbreak
  • india
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  • indianstory
  • love
  • loveatfirstsight
  • lovestory
  • memories
  • naina
  • pain
  • possesion
  • revenge
  • saviour


He started walking downstairs fastly but his step halted when a sweet voice gain his attention. He started walking and towards the room from where the voice is coming. The door was left ajar. He peeked inside and saw the petite form was sitting on the bed, earphones was plugged in her ears. Her eyes were closed and head placed on headboard. She was humming the song. Her face held the peace he was longing for. She provide serenity to his chaotic mind. For a second he felt that he can stand there and watch her till eternity. She moved little and broke his trace. He came in his senses and realized that he was starting her. He felt like hitting his head on the wall. Why he was behaving like a love sick puppy. His irritation was at next level. What he is doing. He have to control his feelings. He is a strong man a girl can't do any damage to him. ___________________________ What happens when two persons with different personalities and background met and fall for eachother. Join their jorney to find out. ___________________________ Started on - 28/12/2019 Completed on - --/--/---- © All rights reserved. 2019. fariya_siddiqui ____________________________ An Indian Love Story. Highest ranking 2 in Indianstory


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Her Savio...
by fariya_siddiqui