Princess Scarlett
By itzDiana7
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Alivia Crawford was a girl who has everything she needs, she had the perfect life, perfect family, perfect education, perfect friends and a super hot boyfriend but all that changed when a mysterious green eye boy suddenly shown up at her door step speaking a language she had never heard before non does it exist in her world and everything came crashing down. Mysterious things started happening and her parents also started behaving strangely and are hiding things from her. Her perfect life turned upside down when secrets are revealed. What will happen on her eighteen birthday? will she still have that perfect life she always had? will she realized that the world is nothing as it seem and most importantly, will she save the world or will she distroy it and herself, will she find love? . Well, all your answers are inside, why don't you read and find out who Alivia truly is. ___________________________________________ Thanks you for reading. The characters and storyline belongs to me except for the casting, it's from the internet.


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by itzDiana7