The Legends of Vale...
By ZSWeberUnlimited
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Kaylenn Illusarion, royal historian for the Kingdom of Valeron, has just made the discovery of his lifetime. After pouring over dozens of ancient tomes and records, he's found evidence that he believes could lead him to the long-lost Library of Zophira, Goddess of Knowledge. The only problem? The King of Valeron will not give him the resources he needs to go on the expedition, feeling it a waste of the kingdom's time. With no other options, Kaylenn is referred to the Legends of Valeron, a group of skilled and talented adventurers-Nick Ashcroft, a holy knight, Eradin Winterhallow, an elven wizard, Khurtz Helmsplitter, an orc barbarian, Thalia Evergreen, a dwarf ranger, and Miira Moonflower, a wood elf rogue-all of which are more than capable enough to watch Kaylenn's back. Which is good, because Kaylenn will need all the help he can get. After all, he's not the only one looking for the lost library...

Prologue: The Rat's Nest

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The Legen...
by ZSWeberUnlimited