The Girl Who Read [...
By Siriusly_fandoms
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She was quiet, and lived in the small neighborhood bookstore. And he watched her, every day. Pick up a book, read page by page, tears streaming down her face, or laughter, sweet, melodic laughter come out of her mouth. And he loved her. So much. So one day, he does the unthinkable to the girl he believed thought him to be nonexistent; he kissed her. ♡❤♡ [copyright © Sophie Claflin, A.K.A Siriusly_fandoms 2014 All Rights Reserved] ♡❤♡ | s h o r t s t o r y # 8 0 | | r o m a n c e # 2 1 5 | ♡❤♡ [ WARNING: AT THAT TIME, THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN BY A CHEESY TWELVE/THIRTEEN YEAR OLD SO DO NOT EXPECT IT TO BE PERFECT. if you want to see some of my better writing, go check out A Note A Day ;-) BUT YES THIS BOOK IS CRINGEY TO ME ]

The Girl Who Read [And the Boy Who Kissed Her]

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The Girl...
by Siriusly_fandoms