The God Complex: Th...
By a_pintobean
  • Science Fiction
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  • armageddon
  • comedy
  • death
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  • endoftheworld
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  • newgods
  • post-apocalyptic
  • power
  • science-
  • science-fantasy
  • survival
  • war
  • wattys2020
  • weird


In six months the Earth will finally stop on its axis and die. For Gabe, a once talented pilot with a dream of adventure in the EDEN program: an exploratory High School to evacuate Earth, it ended years ago when his actions caused the death of his brother and he walked away from the program. Since that day, Imminent annihilation is eased by menial work with his eccentric friend, Jaibles, and canteen bacon sandwiches, until a mysterious God named Alan appears as the pet budgerigar to Susan, an unassuming woman exasperated by patriarchal injustice, promising paradise and the technology to evacuate Earth in return for starting his religion and humanities undivided worship. Gabe may yet get the adventure he always dreamed of, but only if he can survive EDEN; a vengeful God; a holy war and a Paradise constructed of his own subconscious memories. God has returned to save us all, but who will save us from God? Paradise Awaits!

Chapter One - The Book of Alan

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The God C...
by a_pintobean