The Things That Sar...
By ChewieStarface
  • Short Story
  • 19thcentury
  • claustrophobia
  • completed
  • disturbing
  • haunted
  • horror-thriller
  • house
  • isolation
  • marriage
  • mother
  • origin
  • shortstory


There are heavy things, dark things, weighing on the mind of Sara MacNeil. Her husband has built her a beautiful home, their son is strong and healthy, and Sara has everything a wealthy landowner could desire. Still, something has become unsettled in the recesses of her home's foundations, and Sara's exploration into the core of the house will be something to regret as her own core begins to show the weary signs of fatigue and rot. A companion piece to "The Bones of Our House" that explores the origins of a mysterious figure and her malevolent presence in the lives of a family of modern women, "The Things That Sara Saw" stands also stands alone as an analysis of a woman's broken mind and the visions that she hides there.

Author's Note

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The Thing...
by ChewieStarface