Rewritten Love
By sooethydrop
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"I wouldn't be so surprised." Alexander stated, his violet eyes were gazing down at her forest dull green eyes. "After all, the court of Hawkthrone isn't very warm is it?" That statement made Elizeth narrowed her eyes at the smirking prince. "I'd advise you to take that comment back, Alexander." He lifted one if his eyebrows before leaning in dangerously close, "And...tell me, what if I don't?" He teased. She called up her fists as she closed her eyes, an incoming blush was rising to her face. With that, the future queen of Escilia stalked away, feeling rather embarrassed at the interaction. ------- Executing the aristocrats took a major turn on the kingdom of Escilia. The only child of the king that survived was Elizabeth Von Hawkthrone. After the daughter of the desceased king is crowned queen, the prince of a neighboring kingdom asks for her hand in marriage. Dive into this book filled with tension, love, betrayal, jealousy, all that good stuff started: 10/08/19 ended: All rights reserved Rewritten Love @NadiaA.

Beginners Guide to Volterians

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by sooethydrop