As the Crow Flies (...
By Simply_Hiraeth
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TURN OF THE CENTURY New York is filled with flying ships, mysterious strangers, and pockets of magic. Deep in this strange city, nestled between wealth and hell, sits the Antique Emporium. Beyond the Emporium's doors, Abner McNamara and Crow Crawford are falling in love. One is a young antiquarian, his life tied to giant stacks of books. The other is a linguistic genius with a penchant for thievery. As they steal glances, these best friends fall into mayhem. They are sent to Paris, where nothing is as it seems. A grand prisoner waits to be unlocked. Villains of glass and gold lurk in the shadows. Secrets tumble out as the boys collect a bevy of friends and foes, in a tremendously terrifying trip across Europe. Maps of blood, keys of bone, and bottles of ink will open Abner and Crow to their destinies and the chaos of their magic. This is a tale of burned libraries and flights of fancy. This is a parable of saints and sailors. This is the love story of two young men, bound together by everything. This is the adventure of all. - Cover by @Anonymousmlpfan

Before We Begin

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As the Cr...
by Simply_Hiraeth