Bitch Of You [GxG/L...
By _BitchOfU_
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Arlene Kayne Enríquez is the Captain of the volleyball team at Marguerite Academy, she's 17 and known to be the school's "player". Rumors has it that she slept with almost half of the girl's in school and she's by so far popular because of her high social status and her family's reputation. Arlene is a spoiled brat and she would do everything to get what she wants. Iris Belle Torres is your average 16 year old girl. Just living a simple life with her mom and she wanted nothing more than to make the people that she loves happy, the school doesn't give a damn about her and she's grateful about it, she hated attention anyway and her wild best friend is enough for her to handle, A.K.A her cousin, a year older than her. But what if destiny takes it's course and make their paths cross? Will Iris accept the fact that her life is no longer the same anymore? Can the school's player change for a sweet and kind girl like Iris? "This is so cliché" Yes it is cous, yes it is. You brought that bitch to me, therefore you are the worst. •~•~•~•~• * ~•~•~•~•~•~•~• * The pictures on the book cover are not mine, I just edited it ©to the owner of the images

The Player (Story Up Next)

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Bitch Of...
by _BitchOfU_