Cold heart- Bradley...
By NewHopeClubE
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"Jeez" He sighs, his broad shoulders visibly deflating "I'm trying to be nice. I know you hate me" I can't help but roll my eyes at everything being about him, yet again. "That's possibly the smartest thing I've ever heard come out of your mouth" I reply, monotonously. "You're right. I do hate you" The corner of his mouth curls up slightly into a small smirk. What was he suddenly so happy about? "So, what? Am I your worst enemy now? " He grins, ever so slightly scotching closer on the bed. "Hardly" I roll my eyes spitefully. "There are people I hate more than you, Bradley" "So we are friends then?" "Not a chance" I begin flicking my eyes disinterestedly between him and the glaring laptop screen where Photoshop was open. "I don't think you and I will ever be friends" "Oh I don't know Violet... Never say never" "Never" *** Violet is a stubborn, sarcastic nineteen year old who moves in with her cousin Connor to be nearer to her dream university. Only problem is Brad Simpson also happens to live in the same flat. Warning: Contains mild sexual content & strong language.


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Cold hear...
by NewHopeClubE