Where Did It Go Wro...
By iguesszo
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Bakugo was only 4 when his mother died. He can still hear her cries for help as she sunk into the almost endless pit of water. He looked down once he couldn't hear her screams anymore, there was only water to be seen, though. People were screaming up above in the safe area of the bridge. His mother had been bumped off the bridge, there was now a break in the fencing of the bridge. Bakugo was trying to paddle his way to shore, but it's hard when it's 32 degrees and your wearing Lightning Mcqueen sketchers. When he made it to shore he was ecstatic to see his father, his loving father, but little did he know that things would not be the same with his so called "loving father."

The abuse

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Where Did...
by iguesszo