For the Love of Dea...
By BloodCurler
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HI HELLO I AM REWRITING THIS This is my first draft and it's horrible. Please go in appreciating it for what it is: a rough rough rough rough draft. It will need to be rewritten several times to be tolerable and if you're sticking with me you get a great big air hug cuz this writing stuff is hard Here's one of my first summaries of my first draft. Please use your cringes sparingly. ~~~ Lara could best describe herself as normal. Not too wild, not too weird, not to popular, and not too quiet, either. Good parents, good grades, good life, until they weren't, and Lara's whole life collapsed through a flutter of wings. With the line separating reality from imagination dissolving under her feet, Lara's thrust into a morbid journey of love, life, and, of course, Death. Death felt too much. That was his problem. It always had been. Now, millions of years into his existence, he's balanced his emotions, hid them and put up a front, matched the stereotypes of the Angel of Death. But when the constant anonymity of Death falters, he meets the one girl who can bring his emotions back to the surface in ways he didn't think possible. ~~~~~ LGBTQ+ themes proudly exhibited in this novel Trigger Warning: Contains one or multiple instances of death, depression, suicidal thoughts, suicide, rape and anorexia. Cover by @meha_k

Part 1: Death Himself

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For the L...
by BloodCurler