Dreams On Edge. (Ed...
By charislisa
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Noelle, can tolerate anything this life has to throw at her!! But being betrayed is not something she can lightly handle- ********* When Noelle Thompson learns that she will be getting married to clear up the debt that transpired between her lunatic dad and Roberto Parker. She is caught off guard and shocked, not because she's getting married into a wealthy family but she getting married at the age of sixteen!!!!! However her contact husband on the other hand, is no ordinary highschool guy. Jace Parker an annoying, devious-guy, who is known for causing trouble everywhere he goes. And also Noelle's old rivalry. In a quest of providing and saving her family from the hands of the Parkers, she makes a well listed plan. And this plan include a three month trial with her contract husband. But what happens when the well listed plan dosen't go as planned. What happens when she gets caught in the middle of lie and truth. When she's caught between Dreams and Family. Most importantly, when she's caught up within two brothers. Who or what will she choose. Not everything goes as planned- as she finds her life and her Dreams caught on Edge.

Chapter 1- Meet Noelle Thompson.

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Dreams On...
by charislisa