Love Your Roommate
By MariaE_writes
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Theo doesn't know his dad isn't really his dad, that the man he had been living his entire life isn't really his father, his sister isn't sister, it's all lies. But when he knows, his life changes forever. He leaves his house and goes off to live with his best friend Anna (who he's secretly in love with) in a house she just got for college, and along the way he lives with Clare, the one that will change his dark days. Their relationship doesn't start the best, as Theo walked in her life in a wrong time where she doesn't want to have anything to do with boys at all. She literally banged the door in hia face. But their hearts collided, what could go wrong? As much as the bad comes, the good comes to remind you that it's still okay. For Theo, it seems like history is repeating itself. Just like what happened to his mum Jessy when Alex walked in her life and changed everything for her, Clare Anderson walks into his life and changes everything too. But not too easy at first. Their love starts with hate, but if you ask me, that's the best kind of love. ~ Book 2 of 'The Roommate' series. ~ Can be read as a stand-alone. ~ Cover made by the talented @Ethereal_Solare ~ © 2020 MariaE_writes Started: 10th April 2020. Published: 2nd July 2020. Finished:

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Love Your...
by MariaE_writes