So This Is Love? [A...
By jadedserpcnt
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It's been 6 years since Tsukyomi Ikuto left on his search for his farther. After finding nothing he returns to Japan, Yoru by his side. Not seeing him for four whole years Hinamori Amu has nearly forgot about him; nearly. With her friends; Hoshina Utau, Souma Kukai, Sanjo Kairi, Yuiki Yaya Mashiro Rima and now friend-zoned Horori Tadase, Amu recovers from her parents death, her new sister's sudden appearance and new 'friend'. A lots happened.. Bumping into each other exactly where they first met they slowly start falling for each other, again. They'll be seeing a lot of each other for now.. ~I do not own Shugo Chara or any of the original characters. Just the plot line and some OC's~ ✨Enjoy!✨

Chapter One: Hello and, Goodbye

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So This I...
by jadedserpcnt