Owned by him
By Rferindes
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Your mine and I own you he said while pulling the hem of her dress up and ripping off her panties he pushed his fingers inside her one by one and then licked off her jucies. Helen Druman Innocent and beautiful green eye beauty who lost her parents in an accident when she was five, lives with her uncle Mr Druman her cousin Kim and Arnie and best friend Max and loves them all. She's helping Mr Druman and works as a personal assistant for him. Max Peterson Only heir to the Peterson's group of hotels and casino's. Blue eyed boy a handsome hunk he's been friends with Helen since she was 5 yrs old. He is Helen's best friend and secretly in love with Helen. Roger Montfort A 23 yr old a handsome grey eyed arrogant,rude and ruthless person CEO of Montforts international. He's workholic not interested in women unless he wants to bed them never repeats the same women.


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Owned by...
by Rferindes