Windwalker: Female...
By Nopalope24
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There was more to Y/N's life than just introversion and social anxiety. Believe it or not, something; sinister kept this hormonal 18-year-old occupied all these dark years. See, Y/N was a vigilante. His town harboured secrets of the evil, wretched kind, preying and feasting on the weak and innocent. It was never burglars and criminals. Sure, they would come up ever so often... but Y/N had been fending off a threat more dangerous, foul and grievous than any other. It was only until recently when he finally discovered what, or who had been pestering with him for the last year or so. His home town was surrounded by an ocean of forests, stretching into the mountains, miles away from any other forms of civilization. Yet darkness, evil still lingers, lurking around every corner, under every roof, and it was up to Y/N to deal with this threat. But how will his plans ever succeed? Or worse... Does he even have a plan?.... Heyy, welcome to my first book! Since I had nothing else to do I thought... Why the heck not write a fanfic? It's the only thing I read here anyways... This picture doesn't belong to me, I'm sh*t at art.

Chapter Juan: Everyday Life For A Vigilante

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by Nopalope24