Grimm Diagnosis
By Mattgowrite
  • Fantasy
  • brothersgrimm
  • doctor
  • fairytale
  • humor
  • modern
  • romance
  • worldbuilding


After an accident strands Dr. Robert Henry Lang in a medieval land without surgical supplies, medicines, or even hot running water, all he wants to do is find a way home to present-day Seattle. But Rob can't ignore the medical needs all around him, so he begins seeing patients. Before he knows it, Rob's services are in high demand. He hires an office manager, Hans, who never goes anywhere without his bag of bread crumbs. He negotiates a work contract with the Fair Godmother, the leader of the town's professional guilds. And he falls for his part-time bodyguard, a hood-wearing redhead who still delivers baskets of food to forest-dwelling shut-ins. Without meaning to, Rob makes this strange place his home. But as threats from Rob's old world creep into this new one, he'll be asked to make choices that could upset not just his own life, but the lives of everyone around him as well.

Chapter 1: Seeing Patients

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Grimm Dia...
by Mattgowrite