Matters Of The Heart
By Wanderingmeraculum
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This is a sequel to 'Unrequited Love' but can be read as a stand alone. --- "Seriously? An animal zoo?" I ask her incredulously. "Why do you guys have to call it animal zoo? Of course, zoo consists of animals only." she replies in a 'duh' tone. "You could qualify for one as well." I say eyeing her unicorn onesie. "Why? Oh right, because man is a social animal, too." she says thoughtfully with a cute frown between her brows. "You're lame, bambi." I playfully roll my eyes at her. "Pft. Still you love me." she says rolling her beautiful green eyes back at me. Silence surrounds us as soon as those words escape her mouth and she bites her lip. My eyes follow her movement and she swallows hard. "I-I am so-" she stutters with wide eyes frantically looking from left to right. "You're right, bambi. I do." I whisper, cutting her off, with a ghost of a smile tugging at my lips. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eliza Avenetti changed schools after her best friend Nicholas De Luca moved to Italy to live with his grandparents. He comes back to New York and Eliza is forced to join the same school for her senior year. Will Eliza recognize Nick after being away from him for so long? Will Nick be able to keep his distance once he finds out her name?


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Matters O...
by Wanderingmeraculum