Bunkers and Hunters...
By Dangel_Gemini
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Sam and Dean never really had a great childhood. Their father was neglectful and at times verbally abusive. It was a miracle when he lost custody of the boys and they were put into foster care. But something still wasn't right. They were never really part of a family. Dean acted out in destructive ways to both himself and others, getting in fights and hooking up with any girl who would let him. Sam attempted escapes from the foster families that watched over them. He was emotionally unstable, being able to snap at any tiny thing at any time. After the last straw, the boys are each sent to separate group homes. Sam to Hunters home for difficult boys. Dean to Bunkers home for troubled boys. ~~~ Castiel never knew his parents, only that they were religious nuts who named him after the angel of Thursday because he was born on Thursday. His sister, Naomi, raised him to be a proper young man, who never disobeyed, never spoke unless spoken too, and always stayed out of trouble. Unfortunately for her, Castiel didn't enjoy the way she raised him, rebelling at every chance he got. Castiel was taken from Naomi after she failed to provide proper evidence of being his legal guardian. He's been in Bunkers home for nearly half a year, learned how things work, and gotten used to it. Nothing changed. That is, until the new kid joins. ~~~ Gabriel has been in the system for his whole life, never had a last name, never staying in one house for more than a year or two. No one wants a boy who will booby trap the house at any given time. His freak outs don't help either. The struggles of having PTSD... After finally giving up, his social worker shoved him in Hunters home in hopes it would make him a respectable young man. Yeah, not working so well... The plan goes even more haywire when a certain tall boy with long brown hair moves in, pranks already forming in Gabriel's mind. ~~~ Hi, so this is the first fanfiction I will be posting. Hope you like it! -Gemini

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Bunkers a...
by Dangel_Gemini