Charlie and Dia
By Aamenah456
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Introverted Charlie never expected to gain the attention of Dia, the chatterbox on the train, and he certainly wasn't expecting to fall in love. *** A few words can describe Charlie Jackson. He enjoys the simplicity of a coffee far more than the average person, and devotes too much time to his work - commuting included. But Charlie's life is far more complicated than meets the eye. Hindered by his stammer and the anxiety that occurs as a result, he has become accustomed to letting others use their voices for him. When Dia strolls into work one day, it seems that the universe has its own plans. Charlie instantly recognises her as the chatty woman from the train he takes five days a week. She's different in many ways, and it becomes clear that there's something between them. But the journey to love isn't so smooth sailing, especially when Dia's own battles come to light. Can Charlie fight his demons to support Dia in facing hers, or will his anxiety never allow him to become more than the stranger on the train? Romance Wattys Winner- 2020 1st place in the Firework Awards [New Adult] Featured in the Wattpad Summer Challege- 2020 Content and Trigger Warning- this book contains themes including the following; mental health, anxiety, suicide awareness, domestic violence.

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Charlie a...
by Aamenah456