The Fox and The Cat...
By DanniNightShade
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Cover by Jade Williams The Master Thief who stole the Blind Seers Eye. That was the title that Mikayla carried with her for what seemed like an eternity. After stealing said eye, she was punished by the gods for seeing the future, and forced into immortality, a curse she had to bare along with the ugly tattoos that covered nearly every inch of her body. Not only that, but she was a Lattamer, a cat girl, making her already hated. Watching her younger brother die of old age while she never ages a second crushed her, and she vowed revenge against the gods who cursed her. When she rescues a cute little fox from becoming the King's new pet, only to find out it is one of those gods she so hates she expects to want to strangle her for her trouble. So why does she agree to bring her across the Realm, and back to her home village? And why eventually, does she want her to stay? And why is everything she ever thought turning out to be untrue?

Chapter 1

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The Fox a...
by DanniNightShade