Dragon Realm (Lesbi...
By DanniNightShade
  • Fantasy
  • demons
  • dragons
  • girlxgirl
  • lesbianstory
  • monsters
  • princess
  • sisters
  • twinsisters
  • vampires
  • werewolves


Cover by Jade Williams https://www.redbubble.com/people/pint-sizedpanda/shop?asc=u Akiya never felt like she belonged in the world. She just remembered waking up in a pile of trash and spent the next several years doing her best to survive, quickly learning that she was anything but human. She was much stronger, and borderline indestructable. Bullets bounced off her skin and she was fireproof. But she knew flaunting that would get her attacked by higher powers, so she did her best hobo impression and stayed out of sight as much as she could. Turns out, other people still knew she wasn't human, and came hunting for her, trying to "Bring her back" because "Her Husband was waiting", which didn't interest her at all. But when a boy claiming to be her brother gives her the choice to instead come home to her family, and twin sister, she can't help but agree. She's quickly thrown into a quest to retreave a arm band with the power to control time with her brother, sisters, and a vampire who's definately her sister's ex, to finally put an end to a centuries long war and tell her would be husband to leave her the hell alone.

Chapter 1

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Dragon Re...
by DanniNightShade