Too Many
By amadehl
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Georgia Hayston has no illusions about her place in the world of boys: the friendzone. She's not your average teenage girl considering she prefers flannel to skirts and sneakers to flats. She's simply trying to survive her last year in highschool and getting over her long lasting crush on Fulton High's star soccer player; Reece Reynolds. ☆°•¤•°☆ Reece Reynolds, Fulton High's perspective Heartthrob is a commitment phobe and is not interested in any lasting relationship or kissing the same girl twice. So what is this possessive streak he feels with Georgia?, why doesn't he get fed up of her?, And why does he feel the unsurmountable need to make her his? ☆°•¤•°☆ Josh Cree, captain of the basketball team is quite the charmer. He is also completely smitten with Georgia Hayston. Everything about her attracts him to her. But being the reserved guy he has always been, he keeps it to himself for quite a while. But as time passes by, he continues to fall deeper. He's made up his mind. He will do it. He will make her his. A romance triangle is not something Georgia Hayston opts for at all... but it's exactly what she gets. Credits go to @baddreamerxo for the awesome cover✔

Chapter 1

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Too Many
by amadehl