Seoul(Soul) Trade
By JSedrano
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This is the story of a young Filipina girl... Who saved 9 women from prostitution in Seoul, South Korea. With nothing but guts and wits, she outsmarted the men who kidnapped, sold them to foreigners, and the foreigners themselves. She took advantage of men's weakness: innocent women. Turned it to a weapon that brought an entire mafia to bankcruptcy. NOTE: Each chapter will only consist of 500 words to 1000 words maximum. ******** Disclaimer: I have no intention of dissing on South Korea. I just remembered an incident report from the past that a young girl was sold in South Korea... and the buyers were not South Koreans. The whole story and transaction only took place in Philippines and South Korea. This inspired my to write this story. The story of the young girl is not like this. I just wanted it to be like this. I hoped it was like this... but the young girl died. The perpetrators were Filipinos and some other foreigners. Only one character/person that was involved in this story is South Korean.

Soul Trade 1

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by JSedrano