Million Dollar Isla...
By NovelistAnne
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BLACK MIRROR MEETS JUMANJI - Vera spends her nights streaming VR games for a small audience. Her dream? To become big enough so she can quit her miserable day job delivering packages. But in a world where everyone lives a life on the internet, the competition among streamers is fierce and Vera has trouble getting enough subscribers for a sustainable income. That is until a new game is released that offers everyone a chance to get rich while playing. ROBINSON is an extremely competitive Island Survival game, where players can earn real money by finding rare treasures on the enigmatic and hazardous map. The main prize? Five million dollars for the player that manages to get the ultimate loot: the egg of the Shadow Serpent. Vera gathers herself a team of fellow gamers and joins one of the ROBINSON servers, where they compete against thirty-five other players to hunt as many treasures as possible. Obsessed with the chance to become a millionaire, Vera loses herself in the virtual island and her never-ending goal to gain more viewers on her stream. She spends money she doesn't have on lootboxes to increase her chances, and as she ventures deeper into the dangerous island, she digs herself into a financial nightmare she can only climb out of by winning the game.


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Million D...
by NovelistAnne