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By ActuallyReady
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"I saw him." Being crowded with young fans screaming. I couldn't help but laugh. And then we turned to me, eyes wide. He walked towards me. And that's when I knew my life was going to turn around forever. As Fresh (Harley) and Y/N head on a spiraling relationship, new threats will come that the younger lovers might face. How will one of Australia's biggest gamers/Content creators and a dancer in Chicago Illinois take on the world. Starting at the World Cup 2019 Games. Relationships aren't easy for everyone, especially the two of them being from completely different spectrums. How will they do it?.. Let the games begin.. Mrfreshasian x Reader This story is about the journey of love, friendship, and even sadness. Our characters learn a lot about there decisions that affect there partner. It's with deep felt conversations that you could be experiencing as well. In this story I hope you take away the bigger picture. This book isn't just a fanfic, it's a life lesson. I hope you do take something away from this. #1 in Click #1 in Mrfreshasian #1 in Muselk "This is amazing. I mean it." "This really good!" "Can't wait!" "You made me throw my phone!" See what my other readers think <3

The Start of it all

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Lover Boy...
by ActuallyReady