In the Shadow of th...
By berkentinabelt
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Henry Mullen had nightmares: scenes from his childhood, stick-like figures walking through the dust. He remembered the gaunt faces and swollen bellies, his own body, his own brittle bones, so brittle that lifting a bag of rice broke two bones in his hand. They never did heal right. And he remembered seeing his mother and his brother die. Silently, solemnly, they just stopped moving. Henry is the leader of a team of scientists sent to study the moon, Raphael. Henry's job is to determine if Raphael can be used to grow food for the earth. His life's mission is to make sure no human being ever goes hungry again. There have been satellites and moon rovers studying Raphael for years. The science team knows it's cold, wet and rainy. They know Raphael has grass and trees, shrubs and insects. And they know that Raphael has water that never turns to ice, even though the temperature never goes above freezing. What they don't know is whether Raphael can be farmed or even whether humans can survive there. It's Henry and his team's job to find out. To their shock, the science team soon comes into contact with the Meuleys: an intelligent indigenous species. There weren't even supposed to be mammals on Raphael.

Chapter 1

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In the Sh...
by berkentinabelt