A Match Made in Hel...
By FeministWitch_13
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UNDER EDITING. [It'll be all over the place for a while, sorry!] Hermione Granger was back for her final year at Hogwarts along with the rest of the Golden Trio. And guess what? The Ministry of Magic has decided to pair everyone up and marry them off to one another. Nothing problematic in that, right? Also, did I mention Hermione is paired up with Draco Malfoy? Yeah, real fun. Now for the big question - Will they fuck or will Hermione throw herself off a cliff? Plus point - If you read this, I will be happy 🙂 Out of the six awards this book was entered in, it won: 1ST PLACE IN THE LIFE ELEMENTS AWARDS 2ND PLACE IN THE BLACK AND GOLD FLAMES AWARDS 3RD PLACE IN THE ECA AWARDS BEST TITLE IN THE SAVANT AWARDS Highest Rankings. #1 in fanfiction out of 914K (23.9.2020) #3 in dramione fanfiction out of 1.3K (23.9.2020) #7 in dramione out of 9.3K (23.9.2020) #9 in draco malfoy out of 31.1K (24.9.2020)

1 | How to Fuck up the First Day of Hogwarts

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A Match M...
by FeministWitch_13