Letters For Lucien:...
By SuzyEngland
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The journey of mature newlyweds, Mathew and Sunny Ellis, as they anticipate becoming first time parents. A little background: I wrote Letters for Lucien way back in 2005. In 2017, I took the letters from the original story, changed the characters names, and submitted it as a short story in epistolary form for The Wattys. It didn't win, but I received a ton of DMs about the journey of these characters. Their story is not uncommon, and seems to resonate with readers. I have removed the short story from Wattpad and replaced it with this version. Character names have been changed yet again, but the letters and sentiments remain the same. I truly hope you enjoy Letters For Lucien. Again, no beta, so please excuse my typos! Thanks so much for reading! Suzy

Chapter One

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Letters F...
by SuzyEngland