After Hours
By JeniRaeD
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Victoria, a 26 year old medical billing and coding specialist, has had enough with her current position in life. Her boyfriend of six years hasn't been contributing to their relationship, and hasn't worked in months. Every day she comes home from work, he's drunk, his friends are over, and their apartment is a mess from his partying ways. She comes home to something she didn't expect to see and breaks up with him. She tries getting him to move out, in which he refuses to, and later causes a scene in front of the last person she wanted it to happen in front of. A new doctor starts at the clinic she works and learns he bought the clinic, unhappy with the way it looks and the way things were ran, he starts making changes. Once he meets Victoria, and sees what kind of attitude she has, he decides he'll have a little fun with her, pissing her off. Victoria is not a fan of the new doctor, in fact, she despises him, and comes up with a nickname for him. The doctor takes a liking to her, and senses she likes him too, even though it shows differently. He comes on to her, she responds, surprising herself. With everything going on in her life, she want's a change, is afraid of change, but after her first kiss with Doctor Jones, she becomes hooked, and wants more. She knows what she wants, and feels she will give him a chance, until someone tries killing her chances with him. Eventually the two hook up, and both end up craving for more, getting it every chance they can. Can the two continue on with their affair without their peers figuring it out? Will her ex stay out of their way? Credit for cover by


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After Hou...
by JeniRaeD