My Halloween Academ...
By Starling_Todoroki
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*°•°* Modern AU *°•°* Halloween's coming up so the U.A high school was planning on doing a haunted high school. Taking a poll- and doing several hours of research- they decided to combined popular fears to make it the scariest haunted house ever. But, they have no one in class 1-A to be creative in making it extremely scared. They know who to go to though. Y/n is the most creative person in U.A. She can create something out of nothing. Class 1-A enlisted her to help them make the scariest haunted high school in the world. With her help, they could achieve greatness. Though, maybe they shouldn't have been looking for something extremely scary. *Gore (fake) *fear *angst *romance *cussing *°•°* Happy Halloween *°•°* { Hiatus } ©Starling_Todoroki in 2020

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My Hallow...
by Starling_Todoroki