Someone Like Him [O...
By JaayyWrites
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Misunderstood. That would be one word to describe, Mirha Ali's life. A young, ambitious girl who was once proud of her identity has suddenly lost her charm. There is guilt, remorse but most of all abhorrence. For herself. Saving grace. Salar Khawar Khan is the angel in disguise. Running around saving lives and always found with a smile, he has earned respect and love from everyone. When Mirha's life gets entangled with this doctor, there's more than just what he is used to. Redemption is never easy. For Mirha, it becomes a noose around her neck. With building family pressure and the battle of honor and religion, she has given up searching for it. When the young doctor becomes her saving grace, she thought it was the end of her misery. Until Salar reveals the secret he has been harboring from her. [Not a cliche romantic love story].

character aesthetics+epigraph

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Someone L...
by JaayyWrites