Kepler-168F ✔️
By breathingchemicals
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Worldwide nuclear warfare decimated the Earth in 2045. Shortly after the destruction, The Council emerged. They proposed one solution: send the most valuable survivors to Kepler-168F, a planet with similar conditions to Earth. At eighteen, Etta Parker became one of the Chosen. Her ruthlessness and cunning were unmatched in combat, earning her the reputation as "the bringer of death" in the historically renowned trials. At the age of twenty-five, Etta Parker's life changed. On Kepler-168F, a woman's duty is to marry and produce children, however valuable they are deemed to be. Etta refuses to give up her life to become a mother. She cannot wipe the image of her own mother, a bullet wound penetrating her stomach, her mouth fixated in a silent scream. The Council had murdered her. Etta wasn't going to allow them to bully her into a life she didn't want to live. She craves power and freedom - and she'll seize them by any means. Anna Weckert | All Rights Reserved © Cover by @scmimi


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by breathingchemicals