Us Against The World
By NicoleAngelie
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"I said this a million times already." Lolo Jose's eyes shifted one by one at us around the table. "All of you! You don't make friends or associate yourselves with any of the Madrigal family. STAY AWAY from them. They are traitors! Animals disguising as humans! They will only betray you. AM I CLEAR!" All of us Rodriguez family nodded nervously. The thought of disobeying Lolo Jose made us tremble with fear already. He warned us too many times to the point that we learned to hate the Madrigals also. We grew up avoiding and judging all the Madrigals in the world without even knowing the real reason why. My parents did not know either. The mystery of the feud between Lolo Jose and Mr. Reynaldo Madrigal became a mystery. I wonder... what could be the reason? **Hey guys! Enjoy reading the story as the mystery of the Rodriguez-Madrigal family feud unfolds. Let's follow Kiara's journey in falling in love for the first time. She was so overwhelmed with happiness when she met the man of her dreams. It was a dream come true! Trouble is, she found out later that he was a Madrigal --- a member of the family that her Lolo Jose would like to see dead.

Us Against The World

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Us Agains...
by NicoleAngelie