My Flirty Tutor
By niaoflovers
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Davina Harris the most care free Senior in Hellen High School. Knows everyone in her grade and even some juniors. Cool with all her teachers, she stands up for herself and anybody she feels is being treated wrong, she smart so being cool with her teachers isn't weird for her since she's naturally friendly, she flirts with everyone in school even the freshmen. The weird thing is that she's never had a boyfriend even her friends wondered why not. The reason is that she has a secret that she doesn't want anyone to find out about considering its the reason that she had to leave her other school and leave her family to live in another city apart from them. Calix Fisher is your average Senior in Hellen High School. You know the ready to graduate type trying to get as much help as possible in order to graduate and get into a good school since he didn't do so well and Junior and is lucky that he even got this far. So when he's failing Accounting and his teacher offers him a tutor to work with, who would say no? He just didn't know that his tutor would be his long time crush that he has weird fantasies about, that he can't explain or understand. Now how is supposed to focus with her as his tutor? Will Calix find out Davina secret? Will she find out about his fantasies? Will he be able to study? Read all about it in My Flirty Tutor


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My Flirty...
by niaoflovers