Ace's Tribute
By X_knightt
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There comes a day when a person's life takes a turn drastically, be it in a good way or in a very worst way possible. And Emily Thompson's life had changed ever since his eyes fell upon her. Ace Callahan was never a person to indulge in women. He was brought up with very limited rules and one of them being to be a man of one woman, one love. He never found a woman who could keep his stare on her, but when he sees her everything changes. Emily would never fathom that someone as rich, as famous and as handsome as Ace Callahan would find her interesting. She finds him at every turn she takes and is forced to stop and think about him. Fighting her own demons and insecurities from the past, she is ready to move on, but life isn't easy. Ace Callahan was not the charming, friendly boss as he portrays to be. And Emily was going to find out in a worst way possible. *** Standing at the end of the gunpoint, I didn't feel the fear as I ought to. Instead, my gaze was fixed on his back of the head. As if feeling my gaze upon him, he turns from the body he had just put the bullets in and locks his eyes with mine. And the very first emotion I see in them were anger, one that was never directed towards me but now it was. 'Emily!' his voice comes out in a growl and I couldn't stop the tears flowing from my eyes. He was supposed to be different. But he turned out to be the worst than others. Not caring about the gun which was now held in between my eyes, I pushed my feet forward and marched to him. He met me mid way, opening his arms for me to take, but was surprised when I slapped them away. 'You!' With a shaking finger pointed at his face, 'Never show me your face. Ever. It is OVER!' 'The hell it is!' With that his lips were on mine, in a brutal and punishing kiss, making his claim.

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Ace's Tri...
by X_knightt