Seduce & Destroy
By linalaurine
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Froya, a recent graduate, is living with her dad in a picturesque village where nothing she does goes unnoticed. It's her home and she loves it, but can't help but wonder if there might be more to life somewhere else. A new family of unknown descent unexpectedly moves to the small village, with the obnoxious CiarĂ¡n and his two brothers in tow, and everyone seems smitten by their charm. Everyone except Froya. The family's arrival will plunge her head first into a world of dark, cunning magic and make her question everything she thought she knew, including who she truly is. Froya must decide if she's willing to risk her life in order to stop the family from destroying the people she loves, even if it means losing herself along the way.

Seduce & Destroy

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Seduce &a...
by linalaurine