Kidnapped - A Dubco...
By AdaStuart
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"A brutal man turns into a sensitive lover." "Being kidnapped was the best thing that could have happened." Holly has married an older, wealthy businessman. A match made in heaven, until she realises she is just for show and not to be touched or loved. Alone and bored she wants to break free but dare not. Until she's kidnapped by the sexiest man she's ever met. Darren has a mission. Get the wife of their suspect out of the way for 24 hours. He never planned to do more than babysit the spoilt Missy. Until that one night that changes everything. ------------------------------- Warning: DO NOT READ! If you're not into mature content books. NOTE: The full version is only available for sale with the title "Taken" on Amazon (, Google, Apple, Smashwords, etc. -------------------------------- Copyright (c) 2019 Ada Stuart, All Rights Reserved. This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright. Cover photo by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay Cover design by Ada Stuart. ----------------------------- Highest ranking: # 3 trophy # 29 tied # 33 naked

Kidnapped by Ada Stuart

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by AdaStuart