Sex Instructor (A M...
By AngelMJackson_1958
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DISCLAIMER!! PLEASE READ!!: This story is rated for MATURE audiences and is explicit since it contains various sex scenes, cursing, mentions of drug use, self-harm and events not considered appropriate for children!! Please be aware that I DO NOT encourage in anyway or form for any of the readers to try any of the acts on this book because this is a FANFICTION. (Emphasis on the fiction) THIS STORY DOES NOT EXIST SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSE OF SEXUAL STIMULATION, it has plot, character progression, development etc... I try to follow Wattpad's guidelines as strictly as possible so please be aware that this is not a story for self-pleasure but an actual love story that I've always wanted to write. 🥺🥺 so please Wattpad DONT delete it. Also...this is a FICTION, Michael Jackson did not do any of the things mentioned. ..................................................... *First class free* read the card. Angel is an almost-graduated 18 YEAR OLD girl with ambition and an adventurous mind. Michael is a sexily mysterious man with rules and knowledge. Angel takes the risk and joins this adventure unsure of what the outcome will be. Michael has rules but the most important one; no feelings involved. Will Michael and Angel start to develop forbidden feelings for each other or will Michael not accept it and stay his hardheaded bossy self? Will it change everything when the past comes back to haunt Michael? Will his past mysteriously involve Angel in a way he never imagined? Stay tuned and see our lovely Michael as a...Sex Instructor.

Rules and Guidelines

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Sex Instr...
by AngelMJackson_1958