Flawlessly Flawed
By SpillThe_Wit
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*Can be read as general fiction* Secured 2nd position under Fanfiction genre in Sapphire Awards by CreativeINC Tired of his inner demons, Manik Malhotra has always sought a haven from three things, one alcohol, second street fighting and third unleashing his frustration on prostitutes. This was his life. He was happy with his loving family but never appeased. A happy family of her own was what she ever wanted. But life always has its own plans. Ending up in prostitution and escort business Nandini never thought in her wildest dream, that she will find her man of dreams -- the way she found. Ending up in each other's arms was planned by destiny, but living with each other with facing the inner as well as outer demons won't be easy. But they are determined, determined not to lose to their demons, determined to always be there with each other, determined not to lose their love. Let's tune into the journey of Severing the insecurities Rising in life Claiming the fears And above all Walking in LOVE **** "You don't understand do you?" "Because I don't want to. I don't want to understand anything which will make me lose you" **** Copyright© - amaya_kashaf Cover credits- silverfeels Ps: You can comment without voting too! 😗😌 I won't mind. No kidding. :-) I want my readers to feel free and read and state their opinions. Again, opinions and constructive criticism is allowed (you need to what constructive criticism is) but no bashing and shaming the characters I have been nurturing for years now. ❤ See you inside! I hope you enjoy reading. 🤞

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