Outcast Moon (Silve...
By StevenFGalloway
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The year is 2520. Humanity has colonised near-space and reached a state of comparative peace, but on the fringes of the Solar System, unrest stirs... An evil corporation with an android army seeks to gain revenge for a past defeat. An independent moon lies in the firing line - its mythical hero missing, presumed dead. And an alien civilisation arrives, desperate to expand their territory, and willing to destroy anyone who stands in their way. Humanity needs a hero; but the age of heroes died with Thorus Silverstar, and the huge responsibility of saving the world soon falls to a ragtag group of interplanetary outsiders and a robot who is slowly rebelling against his programming. --- Outcast Moon is the first book in the Silverstar series of space operas which I am currently in the process of writing. I've decided to put the opening part on Wattpad to gauge reaction, so please do leave a comment. the Silverstar series is intended to be an epic, multi-part series which draws inspiration from A Song of Ice and Fire, Red Dwarf and the Marvel films. Steven Francis

Part 1 - Moon

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Outcast M...
by StevenFGalloway