Inked Soul (Riders...
By Booklives75
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Tatt had always been living the same lifestyle: fuck, ink, fight for the club and face any trials that come his way. But after a scrape with law enforcement he finds himself having to work community service to escape going to jail, landing him right at a horse barn with a woman named Raven and her daughter Sienna. The only challenge this Rider of Silence doesn't know how to face is his new boss Raven, a woman with a dark and dead past that only leaves questions spinning through his head. Raven has lived a hard life, having a daughter at 16 and an abusive husband who ruled her life for too many years. With her horse barn, Raven has a new chance at a life for her daughter and her. Of course, it all is questioned when a sexy biker who doesn't understand privacy comes to work there make her question the difference between living and surviving. Raven had risked her heart once and it ended with a bang how could she again? We all have a past. The past is never dead, it lives in our memories. Sometimes it's trusting someone with a touch or for others it's trusting them with our heart. Our fears run us either into ice or into sabotaging our happiness. How does one learn to put aside their fear and just take the leap to live and love? Tatt's fear of abandonment and never being loved versus Raven's fear that love will end with a fist. But despite what Tatt and Raven fear, they can't run away from each other.


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Inked Sou...
by Booklives75