The Hound and The W...
By CoyKoi84
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One dark night as the Hound wanders alone farther north than he'd ever intended to go, he is suddenly thrust into a situation where he cannot stay his hand. Overnight he has a new traveling companion, a hard-headed Wildling that is unlike any woman he has ever known, and soon he finds himself in a difficult position that he has never been in before. *** This is a fanfiction story about Sandor Clegane (better known, perhaps, as The Hound from Game of Thrones) based mostly on the HBO show and very little on George R.R. Martin's awesome ASOFAI series. This is a look at what could've happened to Sandor after he left King's Landing during the Battle of Blackwater. *** ☠️ READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!☠️ There will be copious amounts of foul language, graphic depictions of violence and gore, sexual violence and various adult situations. (If you ever actually watched the show or read the books absolutely none of this should come as a surprise to you.) Obviously this work is intended solely for a mature audience and I claim no ownership or copyrights over any characters, events, places etc. other than the ones that I made up myself. I don't claim to own any of the images either (though I may have altered some of them). *This story can also be found on AO3 under my pseud AbbyNormal1.

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The Hound...
by CoyKoi84