My bully (nash grie...
By jeonhoe
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"Hey kimmy" he leaned against the locker beside me, making me want to run and hide, but I knew if I did, he would find me. "Stop calling me that" I said through my gritted teeth. "Cmon babe don't be like that" a smirk came upon his face, I felt his hand touch my ass, I pushed him away and he looked angrier then ever. He pushed me against the locker, my head hit the locker hard, I felt like I was going to pass out. "Your going to pay for that" he said quietly, our faces an inch away. He let go of me and walked off. My arms were in so much pain, I think bruises were appearing. School is hell with nash around. In California, Kim lives with her abusive father, and making it worse with nash just next door. Wherever she goes she is hurt or bullied and she can't run or hide from it. She has two best friends Erica and tabby, who are always there for her, but they can't help with much. She is rich because of her father, he owns a business but he isn't a friendly man, ever since her mother died from a car crash, he always got drunk. She sees him every night, that's when most hell begins.

My life

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My bully...
by jeonhoe