This Crappy Life (S...
By EmmaIsaac
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[New Adult Zombie Apocalypse Romance] "Just when you think you've got the zombie apocalypse all figured out, the universe just can't seem to stop throwing decaying crapballs at your face." Stuck in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, Casey's group not only has to worry about learning the basics of primitive survival while killing countless zombies, but they also must make difficult decisions when troubled, nomad survivors start showing up on their doorstep. As they begin to get radios up and working between settlements, proactive survivors must band together and face the stone cold facts. Resources are running low and the violence between new and old groups has become a real threat. Along with the news of a new military base being built nearby, Casey's group must make some tough decisions when it comes to their survival. Should they continue to build and defend their homestead or should they leave in hopes of finding something better? ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE ROMANCE (FOR NEW ADULTS) NEW EPISODES: Weekly-Follow me for update announcements. (Episodes: 1500 to 3500 words) STARTED: November 6, 2019 Cover Created by Me [WARNING: THIS BOOK MAY INCLUDE EXPLICIT LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, GORE, ABUSE, SEXUAL SITUATIONS, ALCOHOL USE, AND DRUG USE.]

Welcome to Season Two!

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This Crap...
by EmmaIsaac