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Sirens only mate once... and it's a matter of life and death. • • • Sirens were created then cast aside by one man, a name that's a curse in Iridessa's world. He made them ugly, useless, unable to care for themselves. But they adapted. And they conquered. Men are on the menu for Iridessa's pod, those they don't mark for mating with the pearls embedded in their hips. You see, sirens only mate once in their lifetime, and once they choose a mate, they must wait until his body is ready for hers--and kill him. Iridessa has finally marked her mate, a strikingly pale male with white hair. But when she finally finds him, he's not at all like what her pod told her men were like. Men are supposed to be rough and callous and treat women like filth, but Elijah... He's the most gentle person she's ever met. After striking a deal with the young Prince Elijah, Iridessa knows she'll be in hot water if her pod finds out, but it isn't long until their hearts start to beat as one. She can't--she won't spill his blood. Not killing a man after mating is punishable by death. The clock is ticking. And death is just around the corner. • • • When tides rise we hold our breath. • • • Part 3 posted Part 4 posting soon [[part 1: ripple word count: 45,000-50,000]] [[part 2: swell word count: 50,000-55,000]] [[part 3: crest word count: 45,000-50,000]] [[part 4: crash word count: undefined]]

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