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"Fuck... " I muttered under my breath which got Ben's attention his eyes widened in shock on finally noticing me. "Hey... " I finally broke the dead silence and not for a second did Ben look away. He didn't reply he only got up from the bed folding his arms across his chest. "So Can you leave I want to change.. " I spoke out but he still had his arms folded as he made his way towards me. "Why are you backing up.. " he asked I gag out a loud laugh hiding the fact that I'm worried "Nothing do you mind? " too late my Back hit against a wall, my arms Clinged tightly to the only thing that clad me right now. "I'm your Husband remember?? " he snickered at me "We Didn't get Married...." I blurted almost immediately. "But here we are still here.. " he snickered at me again. "Wanna try it?? " I shot him a confused look "Try What?? " I asked He Playfully tugged to my the only thing that could strip Me down leaning on to me. His knuckles glide against my wet skin. "Stop...." I cautioned but he didn't heed to my cries as his knuckles glide up to my thigh getting to the ends of my towel. He playfully tugged on the top threatening to fling it off and gripped to the end, sliding under with a smirk as I let out a gasp. He leaned on to my ear pressing him against me as he whispered . . . . "Let's take it off.... " A/N: ________________*• Sign above the contract I owe no responsibility for your cringing or whatsoever, Did you sign it, good I won't get sued. Oh my ratings for the story (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) Yeah.... no comment (◕ᴗ◕✿)


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