Broad Faker
By SisterQuill
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Rebels Aren't Born. They're Made. It's 1867 Lot's looking at fifty, our trio's been together thirty years, and the children are grown. Happily ever after, right? Except there's no rest for the dead. Lot fetches Bran home from Ireland after his depression takes hold and somehow avoids trouble. Until she receives a summons from Odin he's trying to persuade all the supernaturals to work together, or so he says. He wants Lot in on it but our trio suspect he's up to something. Can you trust a god of war to create peace? Trouble runs in the family and the children are creating some of their own and the swords are no longer wooden nor the monsters imaginary anymore. And a monster from Lot's past might've followed her back from Ireland. New Chapter Every Saturday and Sunday Content Warning: Contains adult humour, sex, and violence Buy the first book, Victorian Mistress, edited edition with bonus content on Amazon: Buy the second book, Nine Shillings, edited edition with bonus content on Amazon: Read the third book, Rum Cove, on Wattpad:

Is it a Dream?

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Broad Fak...
by SisterQuill