Prince of Darkness
By CharlieGlambert
  • Vampire
  • adam
  • adavi
  • blood
  • darkness
  • evil
  • family
  • javi
  • killer
  • king
  • lies
  • slayer
  • transylvania
  • truth
  • vampire


"Everyone will remember my name, I'm the most feared vampire who have walked on this earth!" I said. "Goodbye my king!" replied Jonathan. *** Adam Tepes lives in Transylvania. He saw his family being murdered by a vampire slayers. His heart was filled with darkness and hate after that day. Young boys and men suddenly disappear from the village. Rumors are starting to spread that they are being tricked into the castle. Adam kills them for pleasure. Villagers attack his castle to get rid of him once and for all. But his servant Jonathan saving his life by lock him up in a coffin. *** Adam lives now in London. He has difficulty handle the new modern world. He's still evil and mean. It won't be long before young men disappear without a trace. Police fear the town has got a new Jack the Ripper. But what happens when he falls for a boy named Javi, will he save him from the darkness? Maybe his children aren't dead.

Prince of Darkness

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Prince of...
by CharlieGlambert